6:00 P.M.


300 N. 1st MAIN STREET


            The Cameron Village Board met in regular session on Monday, January 9, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. at the Cameron Village Hall.  Members present: Ben Hester, Dylan Bahr, Randy Hill, Steve Johnson, Dave Ebner, Russ Hulback and Mark Trowbridge presiding.


            Also present: Adam Steffen, John Adkins, Bill Koepp, Jennifer Christensen, Cory Cook, Amy Kelsey, Emily Breidenbach and Jaden Ebert.


            The minutes of the December 12, 2022 regular meeting was mailed out prior to the meeting. Ben Hester moved to approve the minutes of the December 12, 2022 regular meeting, second Dylan Bahr. Carried 7-0.

            The January payables were presented in printed form. Randy Hill moved to approve the payment of the January payables with the additions, but holding onto the check for Motorola until the software purchase is in working order, second Steve Johnson. Carried 7-0



            Public Comment: No public comments.

Bill Koepp reported that building is slow, and that he has been contacted by a business that is looking into building a storage/distribution center in the Village. Bill investigated a report of someone living in the business at 216 S 9th Street, and reported that this issue should be rectified within a month, but in the meantime, Bill will send them a letter to vacate the premises. There has been little to no progress on the Goss property.

Jaden Ebert submitted his written report and added that he is working on a DNR mandated project to identify how many lead services there are in the Village.

            Adam Steffen submitted his written monthly report along with his annual report. Adam also reported that his department is in the process of identifying and contacting the individuals that are not clearing their sidewalks. The Law Enforcement Committee will address the sidewalk snow clearing policy at their next meeting.

            Adam submitted three bids for replacing a squad car. Dave Ebner moved to approve the bid from Swant Graber Auto Group for a 2023 Ford Explorer for the bid price of $39,825, second Steve Johnson. Carried 7-0 Because it will take so long to get the new vehicle, Swant Graber could not guarantee how much they will give for trading in the Durango, so the decision to either trade or sell outright will be made when the new vehicle comes in.

            The Personnel Committee recommended promoting Hunter Scheel from a part-time officer to a full-time officer. Randy Hill moved to approve the promotion of Hunter Scheel to a full-time officer, effective January 14, 2023, second Mark Trowbridge. Carried 7-0

            Adam Steffen submitted a proposed policy for his departments Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Steve Johnson moved to approve the EAP policy as printed, second Dylan Bahr. Carried 7-0



            Dave Ebner reported that besides the three items discussed previously during Chief Steffen’s report, the Law Enforcement Committee discussed the Spillman program issues, which lead to the recommendation to hold back the payment for the program.

            There was brief discussion on potential American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) projects. Potential projects brought up were: 1) Purchasing the old Blueberry Line from the railroad. 2) Food Pantry expansion. 3) Concession stand at Sportsman Park. 4) Upgrade of water meters. The board will continue to discuss potential projects at the next board meeting.



            Verlyn Kraus at 321 Babes Lane wanted to get the boards verbal stance on splitting a portion of his 2.68 acre parcel to make a lot for his granddaughter to build a home on. The board was in favor of splitting the property as long as it meets the Village’s regulations.

            Nick Oftedahl wanted to get the boards verbal stance on splitting a portion of his parents 5.39 acres parcel located at 1600 W Poplar Avenue, so he can build a home on it. The board was in favor of splitting the property as long as it meets the Village’s regulations.


At 7:11 there was unanimous consent to adjourn the meeting.