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The Village of Cameron Municipal Court is issuing the orders described below to provide procedures and directions for proceedings and essential functions in the court during the next several weeks. The guidelines are emergency and temporary measures and ONLY effective from March 17, 2020 until May 26, 2020, or upon further order of the Court.

The Cameron Village Hall remains open and any change in status will be noticed on the Village website at The Village of Cameron Village Hall remains open and any change in status will be noticed on the Town website at

The World Health Organization declared a global pandemic of COVID-19 due to widespread human infection worldwide. We are committed to open access to our courts and service to the public, and to protect the health and safety of the litigants, judges, court staff and security, attorneys, other participants in court proceedings, and all other persons in the court facilities.

These orders are in place to ensure the continuous performance of the Court’s essential functions and operations and yet seek to mitigate the risk that our employees, lawyers, litigants, judges, and others will be exposed. These guidelines incorporate use of videoconferencing and teleconferencing to minimize contact; follow social distancing practices; and temporarily suspend some non-essential court functions. 


The Village of Cameron Municipal Court HEREBY ORDERS:


  1. There shall be no trials held on, or before, May 26, 2020.
  2. Effective March 17, 2020, all traffic, ordinance, and juvenile intakes dates are suspended. Any previously filed citations will be adjourned to a date and time beyond May 30, 2020.
  3. The Village of Cameron Municipal Court offices will be open as long as the Village keeps the Municipal Building open for the following essential services:
  4. You are strongly encouraged to submit your payment obligations by Mail to: 300 N. 1st, PO Box 387, Cameron, WI 54822.
  5. Place in the drop box outside the main doors of the Village Hall located at 300 N. 1st Street in Cameron.
  6. Online to, click on “Make a Payment” and use “Pay Location Code (PLC)” 4461.




Dated this 17th day of March, 2020





The Honorable Terry L. Skaar

Village of Cameron Municipal Judge