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*The Village of Cameron was started in 1879 when a small group of pioneers settled on the edge of a bluff one and one half miles south of the present village of Cameron, at the location now referred to as Holmen’s Crossing. The people settled at this location because it became known through L.C. Stanley, a wealthy Chippewa Falls lumberman that the Chippewa Falls and Northern Railway would pass through their little settlement. The railroad was completed as far north as Old Cameron in 1882, and a station was opened in September of that year with R.A. Burton as the depot agent. The rails were continued on to Spooner in the spring. The land where Old Cameron was located was owned by L.C Stanley of Chippewa Falls, who platted it in 1882.

*Excerpt taken from Historical Album – Cameron Centennial 1879-1979 written by Carolyn Crotteau

For more information on the Village of Cameron, stop by the Cameron Public Library and check out the Cameron Centennial book written by Carolyn Crotteau.