6:00 P.M.


300 N. 1st MAIN STREET


            The Cameron Village Board met in regular session on Monday, February 14, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. at the Cameron Village Hall.  Members present: Steve Johnson, Randy Hill, Dave Ebner, Russ Hulback, Ben Hester, Dylan Bahr and Mark Trowbridge presiding.


            Also present: Jaden Ebert, Amy Kelsey, Pattie Davis-Greene, and Adam Steffen.


            The minutes of the January 10, 2022 regular meeting was mailed out prior to the meeting. Dave Ebner moved to approve the minutes of the January 10, 2022 regular meeting as printed, second Russ Hulback. Carried 7-0.


            The February payables were presented in printed form. Russ Hulback moved to approve the payment of the February payables, with additions as printed, second Ben Hester. Carried 7-0



            Public Comment: Pattie Greene approached the podium and voiced her gratitude to the Cameron Area Fire District for the wonderful job they did when she suffered a fire at her house.

            Bill Koepp was ill and not able to attend the meeting.

            Jaden Ebert submitted his written report, and added that the new meter reader is in and they are just waiting on the software so they can come and install and train our employees.

            Adam Steffen submitted his written report and added that he has one new part-timer and another that is close to being able to fill shifts. Randy Hill questioned his expenditure for new tires, with Adam responding that they have filed to get restitution from the individual that they were chasing.


            There were no new bartender applications at this time.



            The Law Enforcement Committee met and discussed the contract the department has with part-time officer Neal. Adam Steffen reported that Officer Neal has decided to continue working off the monies that is owed to the Village.



            Ordinance 2022-01, an ordinance to repeal and recreate Chapter 32 of the Village Code of Ordinances, relating to utilities was presented for approval. Randy Hill moved to adopt Ordinance 2022-01, an ordinance to repeal and recreate Chapter 32 of the Village Code of Ordinances, relating to utilities, second Dave Ebner. Carried 7-0

            Steve Johnson requested that the Village hire Steve Zimmer, Ex-Clerk of Court in Cumberland, as a consultant for the implementation of the Quick Clerk software, at $20 per hour. Steve Johnson moved to higher Steve Zimmer as a consultant at $20 per hour, for the implementation of the Quick Clerk software, second Mark Trowbridge. Carried 7-0

            Mark Trowbridge moved to approve the quote from Tice Technologies for a new laptop and Microsoft Office Home & Business 2019 software in the amount of $949.99, with the laptop being dedicated to running the Quick Clerk program, second Ben Hester. Carried 7-0


At 6:24 a roll call was taken to go into closed session according to State Statute 19:85 (1)(f) Consideration of financial, medical, social or personal histories or disciplinary data of specific persons, preliminary consideration of specific personnel problems or investigation of charges against specific persons that, if discussed in public, would be likely to have substantial adverse effect on reputation of any person mentioned in such histories or data, or involved in such problems or investigations. Dylan Bahr-Yes; Ben Hester-Yes, Steve Johnson-Yes, Dave Ebner-Yes; Randy Hill – Yes; Russ Hulback – Yes; and Mark Trowbridge-Yes.


At 7:08 Russ Hulback made a motion to go back into open session, second Steve Johnson. Carried 7-0


As there was nothing to vote on from closed session, at 7:09 there was unanimous consent to adjourn the meeting.