MONDAY, MAY 9, 2022

6:00 P.M.


300 N. 1st MAIN STREET


            The Cameron Village Board met in regular session on Monday, May 9, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. at the Cameron Village Hall. Members present: Steve Johnson, Randy Hill, Dave Ebner, Russ Hulback,  Dylan Bahr and Mark Trowbridge presiding. Absent: Ben Hester.


            Also present: Jaden Ebert, Chuck Bellows, Gary Strand, Dwain Trowbridge, Amy Kelsey, Bill Koepp, and Adam Steffen.


            The minutes of the April 11, 2022 regular meeting was mailed out prior to the meeting. Dave Ebner moved to approve the minutes of the April 11, 2022 regular meeting with corrections, second Dylan Bahr. Carried 6-0.


            The May payables were presented in printed form. Russ Hulback moved to approve the payment of the May payables, with additions as printed, second Steve Johnson. Carried 6-0



            Public Comment: No public comments.

Denise Paddock was not in attendance but she submitted a written request for items for the 2022 Camerama.  As in previous years, the request asks for the use of the Sportsman’s Park from Thursday, June 2nd through Sunday, June 5, 2022 with the use of all facilities, a picnic license, bartender licenses, and no parking and limited parking on certain streets.  This year’s event will feature live bands on Friday and Saturday nights. There will also be a parade at noon on Sunday. Dave Ebner moved to approve the written request submitted by Denise Paddock, second Dylan Bahr. Carried 6-0

Bill Koepp reported that building season is upon us with one large project on the end of Rudolph Road starting, along with numerous smaller projects. Bill also reported that he has a meeting set up with Attorney Stephens to discuss the old feed mill and he old Snively property, on May 31st.

Jaden Ebert submitted his written report and added that the infield dirt on the ballfield at Sportsman Park has been removed and the new material is scheduled to be delivered Wednesday. (May 11th)

Adam Steffen submitted his written report and added that he is having a short ceremony to award officer Brunner a plaque for his bravery after pulling an individual from a burning vehicle while on duty. Adam also reported that he noticed someone boarding up the old feed mill, so he stopped and talked with them and found out it was a representative from the railroad. The gentleman gave Adam a tour of the building, which he saw holes in the roof, couches, appliances and other junk in it.


            There were no bartender license applications for this month.



            Russ reported that despite the rainy weather, there was a pretty good turnout for Spring Cleanup.

            The utility easement on Newville’s property was tabled, as the documents are not yet ready.



            Roger Olson requested to purchase a second Express Vote voting machine prior to the August election, as one machine probably will not be enough to keep up with the number of voters that are expected to vote. Steve Johnson moved to approve the purchase of a second Express Vote voting machine at the cost of $3,540, with the funds coming from Undesignated Funds, second Dave Ebner. Carried 6-0

            Jaden Ebert, with the Street Committees blessing, requested to sell the triple axel trailer that his predecessor purchased as it is oversized for what they need it for. They would then purchase a smaller, dual axel trailer to replace it. Dave Ebner moved to sell the triple axle trailer and purchase a smaller, dual axle trailer, with any left-over funds from the transactions, being returned to the Capital Outlay Account, Street Machinery, second Mark Trowbridge. Carried 6-0

            Dwain Trowbridge submitted a preliminary Certified Survey Map (CSM) to split the lot he owns across from the Bank. Lot #2, which has the restaurant on it will be 26,877 square feet, and Lot #1 will be 76,474 square feet. Steve Johnson moved to approve the CSM presented by Dwain Trowbridge, second Russ Hulback. Carried 6-0

            Mark Trowbridge presented the appointment of Committee and Commissions as follows:





First person listed is Chairperson



PERSONNEL:                                    Randy Hill – Mark Trowbridge Russ Hulback

STREETS:                                          Dave Ebner – Russ Hulback- Steve Johnson

WATER/SEWER:                              Mark Trowbridge - Randy Hill – Steve Johnson

PARKS/CEMETERY:                       Randy Hill – Ben Hester– Dylan Bahr

FINANCE:                                          Mark Trowbridge – Steve Johnson – Roger Olson


DISCIPLINARY:                               Dave Ebner – Dylan Bahr – Mark Trowbridge

LICENSING:                                      Steve Johnson – Dave Ebner – Randy Hill

BOARD OF REVIEW:                      Roger Olson – Mark Trowbridge

WEED COMMISSIONER:                Dylan Bahr

INSURANCE:                                    Randy Hill – Ben Hester – Russ Hulback

JOINT SEWER COMMISSION:       Steve Johnson – Mark Trowbridge

LIBRARY BOARD:                          Ben Hester

BLOCK GRANT:                               Ben Hester – Steve Johnson – Roger Olson

ASSESSMENTS:                               Steve Johnson – Randy Hill – Russ Hulback

ENERGY USE COMMITTEE          Russ Hulback – Dylan Bahr – Steve Johnson


COMMUNITY CENTER BOARD   Ben Hester – Dave Ebner – Charlotte Tubbs

            Carla TePaske – Geri Schoenecker

LAW ENFORCEMENT COMM       Dave Ebner – Mark Trowbridge – Dylan Bahr

LAND DEVELOPMENT                  Mark Trowbridge – Steve Johnson – Dave Ebner



Village of Cameron





(Three-year term)                               Expires                                    Phone#


Mark Trowbridge                               5-1-2024                                 458-6168

Carla TePaske                                     5-1-2024                                 642-0272

Bill Koepp                                          5-1-2023                                 458-4448

Merle Keopple                                    5-1-2023                                 296-7724

Vacant                                                 5-1-2025                                


 Randy Hill                                         5-1-2024                                 651-0447




(Three-year term)                               Expires                                    Phone#


Mark Trowbridge                               5-1-2025                                 458-6168

Colleen Bender                                   5-1-2023                                 458-2618

Terri Richie                                         5-1-2024                                 441-9713        

Tim Gerber                                         5-1-2024                                 458-4056

Merle Keopple                                    5-1-2023                                 296-7724                                

Steve Johnson                                     5-1-2025                                 458-3129

Carla TePaske                                     5-1-2024                                 642-0272


Dave Ebner moved to approve the appointment of committees and commissions, second Dylan Bahr. Carried 6-0


At 6:30 a roll call was taken to go into closed session according to State Statute 19:85 (1)(g) Conferring with legal counsel who either orally or in writing will advise governmental body on strategy to be adopted with respect to current or likely litigation. Dylan Bahr-Yes; Steve Johnson-Yes, Dave Ebner-Yes; Randy Hill – Yes; and Mark Trowbridge-Yes.


At 7:00 Randy Hill made a motion to go back into open session, second Russ Hulback. Carried 6-0


At 7:01, as there was nothing to act on from closed session, there was unanimous consent to adjourn the meeting.