MONDAY, MARCH 14, 2022

6:00 P.M.


300 N. 1st MAIN STREET


            The Cameron Village Board met in regular session on Monday, March 14, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. at the Cameron Village Hall. Members present: Steve Johnson, Randy Hill, Dave Ebner, Ben Hester, Dylan Bahr and Mark Trowbridge presiding. Absent: Russ Hulback.


            Also present: Jaden Ebert, Amy Kelsey, Pattie Davis-Greene, and Adam Steffen.


            The minutes of the February 14, 2022 regular meeting was mailed out prior to the meeting. Ben Hester moved to approve the minutes of the February 14, 2022 regular meeting as printed, second Dave Ebner. Carried 6-0.


            The March payables were presented in printed form. Steve Johnson moved to approve the payment of the March payables, with additions as printed, second Dylan Bahr. Carried 6-0



            Public Comment:

            Bill Koepp was not able to attend the meeting.

            Jaden Ebert submitted his written report, and had nothing to add.

            Adam Steffen submitted his written report and added that he received a $5,800 check for the Law Enforcement Foundation that has to be used for officer safety items.


            Bartender license application for Hailey J. Phillips was presented for approval. Dave Ebner moved to approve the bartender license for Hailey J. Phillips, provided all criteria have been met, second Ben Hester. Carried 6-0



            The Street Committee met and discussed potential projects and different funding options with Gary Strand from Cooper Engineering. Gary briefly touched on the LRIP program, which they are hoping to use to finish the Arlington Avenue project. Gary also mentioned some possible federal funding programs, such as MSID and MSIS. Gary, along with the committee will continue to watch for federal and state funding options.

            The Parks/Cemetery Committee met with representatives from the youth baseball program and the Civic Club. The projects they are looking into are: Fixing the drainage problems on and outside of the playing field. Building a permanent concession stand, with a storage area. They also discussed a building to house the field grooming equipment. They are applying for a grant from the Minnesota Twins.



            Tice Technologies presented a quote to provide the following items: 1- 4TB Hard Drive for police video storage; A Cloud Key access point (old software is no longer supported); A Ubiquity Wi-Fi access point; and upgrade hard drives on three law enforcement computers. The total cost of equipment and hardware is $795.98 and estimated labor of $510.00. Randy Hill moved to approve the quote from Tice Technologies in the amount of $1,305.98, which includes equipment, hardware and labor, second Mark Trowbridge. Carried 6-0

            Roger Olson presented an agreement with Ehlers & Associates for arbitrage services on the 2016A borrowing. Ehlers will provide the necessary reports and or analyses on the borrowing on behalf of the Village to comply with Treasury regulations for $1,000. Steve Johnson moved to approve the agreement with Ehlers & Associates in the amount of $1,000 or arbitrage services on the 2016A borrowing, second Dave Ebner. Carried 6-0


 At 6:36 a roll call was taken to go into closed session according to State Statute 19:85 (1)(f) Consideration of financial, medical, social or personal histories or disciplinary data of specific persons, preliminary consideration of specific personnel problems or investigation of charges against specific persons that, if discussed in public, would be likely to have substantial adverse effect on reputation of any person mentioned in such histories or data, or involved in such problems or investigations. Dylan Bahr-Yes; Ben Hester-Yes, Steve Johnson-Yes, Dave Ebner-Yes; Randy Hill – Yes; and Mark Trowbridge-Yes.


At 6:50 Ben Hester made a motion to go back into open session, second Dave Ebner. Carried 6-0


Dave Ebner moved to accept the resignation from Police Chief Michael Lynch effective March 31, 2022, provided the Village Attorney approves the language, and there is an agreement signed by both parties, second Ben Hester. Carried 6-0


At 6:52 there was unanimous consent to adjourn the meeting.