MONDAY, MARCH 11, 2019

6:00 P.M.


300 N. 1st STREET


            The Cameron Village Board met in regular session on Monday, March 11, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. at the Cameron Village Hall. Members present: Dave Ebner, Ben Hester, Steve Johnson, Russ Hulback, Randy Hill, Tim Wall, with Mark Trowbridge presiding.


            Also present: Jaden Ebert, Steve Hurst, Mike Lynch, Arnie Larson, Bill Koepp, Linda Kucharski, Mike Kucharski, Chris Kucharski and Gary Strand.


           The minutes of the February 11, 2019 regular meeting were mailed out prior to the meeting. Ben Hester moved to approve the minutes of the February 11, 2019 regular meeting as printed, second Dave Ebner. Carried 7-0


            The March payables were presented in printed form. Tim Wall moved to approve the payment of the March payables and additions as printed, second Russ Hulback. Carried 7-0



           Public Comment: No public comments.           

            Bill Koepp the pole plant is moving along with their addition and that all other building is moving along slowly.

            Jaden Ebert submitted his written report and added that there have been a few freeze ups and that we should remind people to continue to run water until further notice.

            Mike Lynch submitted his written report, but he wanted to table discussion and action on the purchase of an integrated bodycam and dashcam.

            Steve Hurst, attorney for Sweet Additions Ingredient Processors (SAIP), appeared and gave an update on the progress of getting their BOD’s down to an acceptable level. Steve presented their Wastewater Characterization Study, which was given to Gary Strand for review. SAIP has been hauling a lot of their wastewater out of the Village to help get their BOD levels down, and they are also looking at purchasing some land to put a pre-treatment facility in.


Bartender license application for Brittany N. Dennis was presented for approval. Russ Hulback moved to approve the bartender license for Brittany N. Dennis provided all criteria have been met, second Dave Ebner. Carried 7-0



            There was no old business to discuss.



            The street committee met and reviewed the bids for the Arlington Avenue and 11th Street projects. In attendance at the meeting were engineer Gary Strand, along with an engineer from the State of Wisconsin to discuss the Safe Routes to School. The gentleman from the State agreed with everything the Village is hoping to get accomplished with the route, and informed the committee that they will have to wait until July to start, due to funding constraints.

            Dave Ebner moved to table the bids on the Arlington Avenue project because they came in much higher than anticipated, second Ben Hester. Carried 7-0

            Gary Strand stated that the bids for the 11th Street project came in higher then budgeted and he recommended that the Village award the bid to the low bidder, A-1 Excavating for the bid amount of $280,474.00, and then changes could be made by change order to get the cost down to budgeted amount. Dave Ebner moved to award the 11th Street project to A-1 Excavating in the amount of $280,474.00, second Ben Hester. Carried 7-0

            Jaden received a bid from Dan Peterson to take down the pine trees on Sportsman Park that abut the Cindy and Larry Kennedy property at a cost of $2,500. There are approximately 50 trees that he will cut down, and then the Village employees will remove the trees and stumps. Randy Hill moved to accept the bid from Dan Peterson to cut down the pine trees on Sportsman Park that abut the Cindy and Larry Kennedy property at a cost of $2,500, second Steve Johnson. Carried 7-0

            Steve Amos, from Team Amos Boxing submitted a request to have a firework display at the old elementary school prior to their Cameron Fight Night event on Saturday, April 13, 2019. The firework show will last between 13-15 minutes, starting at about 9:00pm and will be put on by Flashing Thunder Fireworks Spectacular. Mark Trowbridge moved to grant Team Amos Boxing a fireworks discharge permit provided all criteria are met, second Randy Hill. Carried 7-0

            The Water/Sewer Committee met to discuss an encroachment upon the Village’s utility easement along the east lot line of a new four plex being constructed on the end of Soo Avenue, Parcel number 111-5001-47-008. The property is owned by TMI Exchange, LLC and the builder is Arnie Larson. The committee also requested that the building inspector make some changes to the building permit application to help prevent any encroachments in the future. Randy Hill moved to grant a variance for the encroachment of the easement and allow the builder to continue his project, second Steve Johnson. Carried 7-0

            Randy Hill has been talking to Chief Lynch and the current head of the Food Pantry, Sandy Post about the need for more space. After Randy voiced a few ideas it was decided that Randy would head an Ad Hoc Committee to look into the possibility of either adding on to the current garage or building a new facility for either the Food Pantry or Police Department. Ben Hester and Russ Hulback volunteered to work with Randy on the committee.

            Russ Hulback attended the February 27, 2019 Cameron Area Fire District meeting and stated that everything is going along well with the Fire Department. Russ did get the approval from the Fire Board to have Jaden keep track and bill the Fire Department for the lawn mowing and snow plowing that the Village crew does for the Fire Department.


At 7:19 a roll call was taken to go into closed session according to State Statute 19:85 (1)(e) for purchase of public properties, investment of public funds, or conduct of other specific public business, whenever competitive or bargaining reasons require a closed session. Randy Hill-Yes; Dave Ebner-Yes; Steve Johnson-Yes; Russ Hulback – Yes; Tim Wall-Yes; Ben Hester-Yes and Mark Trowbridge-Yes.


At 7:56 Steve Johnson made a motion to go back into open session, second Dave Ebner. Carried 7-0


As there was no further business to attend to, at 7:57 Steve Johnson moved to adjourn, second Randy Hill. Carried 7-0